Scarves suppliers


Most important scarves supplies Colca Fabrics has more than 20 years of experience working in the manufacture of garments with alpaca fiber. We also have scarves supplies that complement our work in the creation of these products. However, the main input that allows us to manufacture scarves is baby alpaca fiber. Our products are composed […]

Manufacturer Scarves


Colca Fabrics is the best manufacturer scarves In Colca Fabrics we have more than 20 years of experience working in textile industry. During this time, we have become a company specialized in the manufacture of garments thanks to alpaca fur. We have also focused our work on the marketing and distribution of our products. Therefore, […]

Alpaca Fabrics


Colca has a great variety of alpaca fabrics Colca Fabrics have specialized in offering the best garments of alpaca fiber. Since 2010 Colca have been working for sell the product with 100% finesse and smoothness. Also, this company Works in relation to the Andean cultures and our designs connect the past cosmovision with the vision […]

Alpaca throw blanket

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The Style of our alpaca throw blanket There is just one option for you to buy an alpaca throw blanket and this is Colca Fabrics. Our company is the best virtual store where you, as a wholesaler, can buy the most qualified clothes as alpaca shawls, alpaca coats, etc. This Enterprise manufactures and personalizes the […]

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