The ruanas have a millenary history, and this emblematic garment of the highlands is known for being used to protect young and old from the inclement cold. The alpaca ruanas for women are made with the best 100% natural material: baby alpaca fiber.

Alpaca ruanas for women made of baby alpaca fiber

If we talk about quality and softness we have to take into account baby alpaca fibers. It is likely that many people do not know this material used to make alpaca ruanas for women. What is baby alpaca fiber? This Andean camelid offers its wool as raw material. 

The alpaca fiber goes through a cleaning process to proceed to the elaboration of alpaca ruanas for women. The best thing? It is that it is not necessary to use chemical inputs to form its color, and is that the alpaca wool has more than 20 natural colors and many characteristics that make it the most sought after.

Characteristics of baby alpaca fiber ruanas

To have a ruana in your closet is to have an exclusive garment. In addition, it has many qualities and that is why it has become a favorite of designers and users, who see it as a classic closet garment. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages:

  • It is thermoregulatory, that is, it will allow that when it is hot it will not be suffocating. And when it is very cold, it will be the main source of heat. 
  • It does not cause allergic effects. Its fiber is hypoallergenic, which allows everyone to use it. 
  • It is of 100% excellent quality because it resists temperatures and the passage of time. Therefore, you can have it in your closet for a long time without going out of fashion. 

The best material for women’s alpaca ruanas

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