Scarves are accessories that can not miss in your closet, either in summer to complement your outfit or in winter to keep you warm from the cold. They are, within the whole line of products that we develop in Colca Fabrics, the most commercialized not only in Peru, but also in the rest of the world. They come in many colors, shapes and designs. What distinguishes alpaca shawls? Find out now.

More than a complement, a lifestyle

Give it some thought. It’s winter, it’s time to put aside all your summer clothes and dust off your coats. What accessories will you find? Caps and, of course, scarves. You may be missing ruanas, ponchos, chullos or shawls, but never a good shawl. Why is that? Well, easy, because they are more than just an accessory, they are part of the lifestyle of many people and become the first bet to buy when the weather changes.

Speaking of its origins, the name comes from the term “shawl” which are cloths that are placed around the neck or over the shoulders as a coat. The way they are made may vary depending on the region, for example in Latin America they are usually made narrower and longer for women and in the case of men, slightly shorter as decorative. There are many fabrics suitable for their manufacture, but alpaca shawls are the public’s favorite. 

Characteristics of alpaca shawls

Our products are made of the finest alpaca fiber, baby alpaca. This allows us to innovate in the outfits we have in Colca Fabrics. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of shawls in our accessories catalog for you to wear them as you wish. Remember, these shawls are complements that open the doors to a perfect harmony of functionality with fashion.

The alpaca shawls stand out for being: light, multifaceted, soft, silky and shiny fiber dates, as well as being resistant to cold and water contact, remaining in perfect condition despite being washed and with a great durability as far as years of useful life is concerned. Other characteristics of alpaca wool that we can highlight are: 

  • Its high elasticity. This makes it up to three times more resistant than sheep’s wool, while maintaining its fineness and esthetics. 
  • Thermal properties. It has excellent insulating and thermal qualities by having microscopic air pockets inside. It maintains body temperature regardless of external conditions.
  • Visual texture: They are excellent for the manufacture of accessories such as alpaca shawls. The fabric has an excellent drape, appearance, natural shine and feel.
  • Does not produce allergy: This fiber is hypoallergenic, does not contain fat, oil or lanolin, resulting very suitable for delicate and sensitive skins.

Production of shawls in Colca Fabrics 

We have a wide variety of shawls for you. From Buffalo design, Classic design, Solids, Double Fabe and others. Contact us now by clicking here or call +51 1 3268254. Find us at Calle San Patricio Mz. R1 lote 7, urbanization Villa Marina, Chorrillos, Lima – Peru. Colca Fabrics, passion for alpaca fiber. Quality, variety and color, we are waiting for you!

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