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Colca Fabrics has more than 20 years of experience working in the manufacture of garments with alpaca fiber. We also have scarves supplies that complement our work in the creation of these products, scarves suppliers. However, the main input that allows us to manufacture scarves is baby alpaca fiber. Our products are composed of 100% of the finest camelid fiber.

Over the years, we have covered the demand for this type of garments for several well-known brands abroad. Peru, United States and Australia are some of the countries where we have gained relevance by offering our customized designs. The Andean cultures are the inspiration for our team, allowing us to create all kinds of designs related to the ancestral worldview of the alpaca. 

Some other products sold by Colca Fabrics

In addition to scarves, our company supplies the demand of the international garment market. Therefore, we specialize our products. We have shawls, blankets, ruanas, capes, ponchos and more, made from alpaca fur. 

As for ruanas, we are currently offering special prices for the Ruana Neru Fur Border and Ruana Reversible models. The costs of these elegant garments are S/. 799.00 and S/. 550.00 respectively. The colors vary between red, black, purple, electric blue, silver gray, among others.

Also, as for capes, we have the Neru Fur Cape, whose special price is S/. 499.00. On the other hand, in shawls we have Royal Shawl, Flat Shawl, Striped Opt Art Shawl, Double Face Shawl, among others. Many of these garments are on sale. The prices we handle in these garments are quite reasonable: S/. 69.50, S/. 85.00, S/. 110,00, among others.

Contact the team of Colca Fabrics

Do you want to know more about our scarves supplies? Leave us a message by clicking here Also, contact this specialized team through our email [email protected] Alternatively, contact us at our phone number 51 1 3268254. We are located at Calle San Patricio Mz. R1 lote 7, urbanización Villa Marina, Chorrillos, Lima – Peru.

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