If you are looking for a scarve manufacturer with the highest quality, do not worry, in Colca Fabric we have a wide variety of alpaca fiber scarves, the finest in the world. These are accessories that can not be missing in your closet, either as a complement to your outfit or to cover you from the cold. There is a great variety of colors, shapes and designs. What characteristics make it different from others? Find out below.

Characteristics of an alpaca scarf

These accessories are indispensable for the cold season, and they are perfect to cover neck and head. Their thermal properties allow them to be the complement you need to achieve a warm outfit but without leaving fashion and comfort aside. There are so many designs that you can put together a different outfit for every day with these scarves. And the colors, of course, are natural, ranging from white, gray, brown and black tones. 

Our products are characterized by their high quality, because we are a scarve manufacturer that uses the finest alpaca fiber: baby alpaca. Therefore, we offer a wide range of varieties in our catalog of accessories for you to choose the one you like the most. Remember that each one of our products has characteristics that make them unique: 

Increased elasticity

If we compare it with other animal fibers such as sheep wool, we can say that it is much more resistant. Its elaboration process allows that not so many changes are made in its composition, so its naturalness is not affected and provides the best of its qualities.

Thermal properties management

It has excellent insulating and thermal qualities by having microscopic air pockets inside. It maintains body temperature regardless of external conditions. That is why, alpaca fiber behaves as a thermal insulator, being possible to use it in different weather conditions. 

No allergy

This fiber is hypoallergenic, does not contain grease, oil or lanolin, making it very suitable for delicate and sensitive skins. This is one of the points that people with allergies to animal hair must take into account. By using alpaca fiber, these allergies will be a thing of the past.

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