There is just one option for you to buy an alpaca throw blanket and this is Colca Fabrics. Our company is the best virtual store where you, as a wholesaler, can buy the most qualified clothes as alpaca shawls, alpaca coats, etc. This Enterprise manufactures and personalizes the garments that our public requests. That requirement makes us improve and they can give us more options to sell in the market.

By the time, since the first day of Colca Fabrics’ existence, we have been working in selling the best garments for our retailer and wholesaler public. We sell fine products around the world, in countries like United States, Australia, Peru and others. 

Colca Fabrics is an expert company which is specialize in commercialization and distribution of products of natural fiber of the alpaca. They offer more than 17 colors in range of black, white and Brown. Similar to us because we have a lot of designs in clothing.

The caracteristics of our alpaca throw blanket

First, the principal input of our garbs is the baby alpaca. Some of our designs are the Big Flower Jacquard, Manta Lurex Stripes, Manta Neutral, Manta Plain, etc. On the second hand, we manufacture garments, but not as we think, we personalize the clothes for our clients. All of this through the Peruvian cosmovision. We inspire in the diversity expressions of the Andean cultures. They reflect harmony between the nature and the world around them.

If we talk of the clothing shades, we have a lot of colors as black, blue, bone, brown, grey, sand, silver gray, etc. The cost depends of the garment that you want.

We have a lot of special offers and promotions for you. We supply a lot of important branches around the world. Don’t waste the opportunity to work with the best alpaca fiber.


The fineness of the alpaca fiber, which can measure between 12 and 28 microns, makes it very soft to the touch. It is a silky and shiny fiber, which does not lose its luster after dyeing and washing.

Thermal properties

Alpaca fiber has excellent insulating and thermal qualities. This is because it has microscopic air pockets inside, which in turn make the products very light. As such, it maintains body temperature very well regardless of external conditions and the type of environment. It helps to combat sudden changes in temperature and retains heat, but at the same time it is very breathable.


Alpaca wool is elastic and extremely resistant, being three times more resistant than sheep wool (and all this in spite of the fineness of its hair). As a consequence of its resistance, they are very resistant products, achieving long-lasting garments that are not affected by fungi and other microorganisms.

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