Colca has a great variety of alpaca fabrics

Colca Fabrics have specialized in offering the best garments of alpaca fiber. Since 2010 Colca have been working for sell the product with 100% finesse and smoothness. Also, this company Works in relation to the Andean cultures and our designs connect the past cosmovision with the vision of the world around them.

Furthermore, Colca offers a great variety of Alpaca fabrics for its clients because we work according to responsibility and innovation. We have a lot of prices and they can cost depend on the quantities of products that you choose.

In addition, the costs of garments in Colca Fabrics are reasonable. Every season we have special prices for you. Recently we have alpaca shawls since S/. 85.00, S/. 94.50, S/. 110.00, S/. 129.00 and more.

Varieties of alpaca fabrics

There are differences even on alpaca fiber. Some of them are more preferred than others for our clients. However, all of them symbolize elegance and finesse.

Alpaca fleece

This is the most well-known for people and the fiber more habitual in using to manufacture clothes. It measures around 26,5 microns. Usually, factories use this fiber to make coats and jackets. Also, many people appreciate its strength and warmth.

Baby alpaca

If you prefer a fiber more lightweight and smoothness, baby alpaca is the best option. It measures around 22,5 microns in diameters. With this input, we manufacture alpaca jerseys, alpaca shawls, alpaca scarves and alpaca coats. This fiber has increased its demand by international brands, as it is compared to other fibers such as cashmere and mohair.

Alpaca real

This alpaca fiber is finer than baby alpaca, measuring only 19 and 19.5 microns. This product Is ideal to use in flowing, warm and elegant garments.

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What we do is offer the best products of Alpaca fabrics. Please send us a message by clicking here You can also contact us to receive more information through our email [email protected]. On the other hand, contact us at our phone number 51 1 3268254. We are located at Calle San Patricio Mz. R1 lote 7, urbanización Villa Marina, Chorrillos, Lima – Peru.

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