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Colca Fabrics history In 2004 and with 20 years of experience in the production of Alpaca fabric and other natural mixtures; Pablo Ibañez decides to build his dream Textil Colca a company dedicated entirely to the manufacture of Alpaca fiber accessories, to satisfy the demand of the most exclusive markets in the world.

Today I have production lines with enough capacity to provide diverse and high-quality garments to the most demanding brands in the world, marketed and distributed by Colca Fabrics 



Customers from all over the world request that we make their elaborate designs using selected alpaca and baby alpaca fiber. Working with international standards makes it possible for our work to be required by exclusive brands. The possibilities are varied and our response will be immediate.


Every year we design and manufacture classic garments in season, with models that satisfy the market and trends in colors, shades and materials. We use the finest Peruvian alpaca fiber.  

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The passion for the noble and ancestral fiber of alpaca, the extensive knowledge of our collaborators, plus the years of experience with the process and technologies, support our dedication in the manufacture of fine Alpaca garments.

Committed to the requirements of our customers, with each detail of the project until it is available at the point of delivery .


To produce and commercialize extreme high-quality products for the most exclusive markets of the world, mainly working with exotic fabrics such as Alpaca, Vicuna and Pima Cotton, creating and innovating breathtaking designs, applying good practice of fair commerce with responsibility and transparency, generating economic, environmental and social welfare in the community with our collaborators  

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Good practices and fair trade

At Colca Fabrics we assume important commitments of responsibility in good practices and fair trade in order to have a positive impact on the environment and on the interest groups related to the management of the company: Our workers, suppliers, community and customers.

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